Trifecta Entertainment & Media is the creation of the top executive team behind a decade of success at MGM Television.


We are a unique and innovative independent multi-media company engaged in the development, production, distribution, advertiser sales and media sponsorships of programming across a diverse spectrum of media platforms.  The vast experience of our partners and staff brings vision, creativity, professionalism, and the ability to take advantage of the constantly changing television and media landscape. Trifecta Entertainment & Media has offices in New York and Los Angeles.


Trifecta Entertainment is experienced in all aspects of television production and finance. We develop and produce all forms of television programming (e.g., scripted and reality series, made-for-television movies and miniseries) for network, cable and first run syndication, as well as direct-to-video motion pictures.


Trifecta Media is responsible for U.S. distribution, advertiser sales, branding strategies and marketing for a rapidly growing portfolio of Trifecta and third party properties in a variety of media marketplaces.  Our roster of programs encompasses a strong slate of branded syndicated programming for the upcoming broadcast seasons. Additionally, we are representing alternative entertainment businesses in a wide variety of arenas, including cable, place-based viewing and the Internet.